3 things you (probably) haven’t known about Chanel

Are you aspiring to be a Chanel expert? Let’s discover 3 facts you probably haven’t known!

1.) Chanel winter Courchevel boutique

Chanel opens every winter its seasonal boutique in Courchevel (France ski resort). In hearth of Savoyal Ski station you can find 160 m2 space with ready to wear Chanel products and accessories.

It’s already been 5 years since this tradition has been introduced. This winter you can find the boutique open from December the 13th till April the 5th.


2.) Chanel bags price increases over time

If you are looking for stable investment that will only keep growing, buy Chanel bag! It’s not a secret Chanel bags price increases over time and I’m not speaking about few bucks per year. Let’s take, for example, Chanel’s Classic Flap Bag. You could have this on for £1050 in 2005, but the times has gone. Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag is being sold for £3200 nowdays (January 2015).


3.) Struggle with Chanel replicas

As other big luxury brands do, even Chanel fights with replicas selling websites. What is different, Chanel is trying to optimize his websites for “catch people” searching Chanel replicas in search engines like Google or Bing and then try to explain these people buying a fake is not a good way to do. Look at the ReplicaChanel.com, for example. Do you see the bunch of keywords (chanel replica handbags, chanel replica watch, chanel replica bags and many more)?

Other websites fighting against Chanel fakes are ChanelReplica.com or MyPurseWorld.com, former eshop with replicas, overtaken by Chanel after suing.

Do you know any other interesting fact about Chanel? Leave me a comment!


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