3 tips how to recognize Christian Louboutin fakes

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Are you going to buy a Christian Louboutin heels and not sure about authenticity? Let’s read this 3 tips how to spot Louboutin fakes!

1. Cheap Louboutin, outlet Louboutin

Never ever. Christian Louboutin never marks his shoes as cheap and has NO outlet collections, boutiques or outlet online stores.

2. Replacement heel tips

Genuie Christian Louboutin comes with replacement heel tips in red leather dustbag with logo and small inscription “Paris”. If there are not replacement heel tips or if it is in a plastic bag, it’s fake!

3. Certificate of authenticity

Christian Louboutin do NOT have a certificate of authenticity for its products.  So if seller offers you something like that, he is probably trying to sell you a fake!

More tips and comparison images at Louboutin A-Z.


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