Tiffany jewels are produced from many different precious metals. We are going to advise you on silver cleaning. Gold, platina or Rubedo (alloy of Tiffany) should be cleaned by other methods. We will describe how to clean Tiffany silver at home as well as professional cleaning.

Tip 1: Cleaning with white toothpaste

A little amount of white toothpaste should be used. Put it on a soft cloth and clean the jewelry so that it shines. Anyway, the bristles can scratch the surface. That is why you should use more cloth than a toothbrush.

Tip 2: Silver polish cloth

Silver polish cloth is another method which will take you just a little time and your jewelry will be shiny and wonderful. This cloth contains chemicals.

You can buy a silver polish cloth right in Tiffany&Co stores, small one for $5 and large one for $10 (click for a large photo) ↓

Tiffany silver polish cloth

Tiffany is selling also special mittens made from this cloth. Price is little bit higher, you can buy them for $15 (click for a large photo) ↓

Tiffany silver polish mittens

Tip 3: Cleaning with soap water

Even the Tiffany recommends this type of cleaning at home. You should immerse the jewelry into warm soapy water for 45 minutes. Then, remove the jewelry from the water and rub it gently with soft brush. Be careful in the place of the links.

Return the jewelry back to water for 15 minutes and repeat the cleaning. When the black dirt is removed, take out the jewelry and rinse of any other dirt with water. Dry the jewelry with a clean cloth and put it into the dust bag.

Tip 4: Professional silver cleaner

You can also buy the cleaner specially produced for silver jewelry in the shop. It may be the silver dip or silver polishing paste. You can just quickly put in and out the silver into the dip. When using the paste, it is enough to rub it onto the jewelry and then clean it with a soft cloth. Dry item properly after cleaning.

Tiffany&Co is also offering several types of this kind of polishing stuff. You can choose from spray silver polish ($20), cream ($10) or liquid ($20) ↓

Tiffany&Co silver polish options

Tip 5: Professional in-store cleaning

Best option is to take the jewelry right to Tiffany’s where they will professionally clean it for you.

Does Tiffany&Co clean jewelry for free?

Yes, Tiffany&Co cleaning services are for free. In-store cleaning takes most of the time only a few minutes and you can leave the store with brand-new-looking bracelet or ring. If you live nearside, this is definitely the best option how to clean your Tiffany and Co silver.

Tip from Tiffany&Co: Try to wear your Tiffany silver as often as possible, because regularly used silver jewellery typicaly needs less care.

What to avoid in cleaning a Tiffany&Co?

Well, it’s also very important to know, what to avoid in cleaning your silver jewelry. So here comes our bonus (+1) tip:

Whatever cleaning method you choose, you should always keep the jewelry in dustbag – separately or one by one. It is protected against the dust and the process of tarnish creation on the silver is slowed down. The jewelry should not get into the touch with sea water, parfume and deodorants. When doing the sport, you should not wear the Tiffany jewelry, because even the sweat can destroy the quality of silver.