Have you ever been buying a high expensive piece of luxury without being sure of its authenticity? In general, there are few really good steps to follow in buying a luxury fashion stuff.

1.) Don’t buy if price is too good

Yes, sometimes even the price is too good to buy. Here are few examples of suspicious price tags:

  • (Any) Chanel leather bag under €2000 (new)
  • (Any) Christian Louboutin high heels under €400 (new)
  • (Any) Dior (Miss collection) bag under €1000 (new)
  • (Any) Tiffany&Co jewel under €100 (new)

Most of the luxury bags prices are over €200 for mid-end brands (Michael Korse, Love Moschino or Guess) and over €1000 for high-end brands (LV, Dior, Chanel or Hermes). You can check the exact prices at most of the brands official websites. If there is more than 30% difference in compare to price of your seller, there is something strange about the item.

2.) Don’t buy luxury goods at eBay

There is a full eBay of fakes and counterfeited luxury brands products. And it’s not only the sellers with low prices. Some of the counterfeiters are trying to be inconspicuous by selling items for its regular price.

Some brands, for example Tiffany&Co, has sued eBay for selling fakes. Anyway, american court decided that eBay is not responsible for what its users sell. By the way, eBay itself (and also servers like Alibaba or Amazon) fights against users selling counterfeit goods, but it’s an uphill battle.

3.) Check a list of authorized retailers

If you are buying a new item, let’s check a list of authorized retailers at brands official website. There are tons of websites at the internet, which sells replicas or fake products and also tons of boutiques and local markets selling them. Here are few examples of such a lists:

Anyway, some of the lists do not include online shops (even if they are authorized), multi brand boutiques or other resellers.

4.) Don’t believe to certificate of authenticity

There are two things you have to know. Some of the luxury products do not come with any kind of certificate of authenticity. It’s just counterfeiters who tries to causes credibility and cheats you. For example Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors.

And the second thing – spoof a certificate of authenticity is often much easier than spoof the product itself.

5.) When shop online, use only verified eshops

There are few well known and trustworthy eshops I can highly recommend. You can be sure you get only authentic genuine products with appropriate service.

Net-A-Porter.com – Based in London, NET-A-PORTER is the world’s premier online luxury fashion retailer selling brands as Fendi, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Saint Laurent and many more! The shop offers worldwide express delivery and free returns. And whats more, there is a one super thing about the shop. NET-A-PORTER features high fashion editorial, updated every week.

Neiman Marcus – Little bit same and little bit different like Net-A-Porter. Luxury brands and designers, but also home decoration and equipment. Less fashion content and no magazine, but still a perfect website for shopping and inspiration. Neiman Marcus is based in US, Texas, but offers delivery to more than 100 countries worldwide.

NORDSTROM – The last one I would like to introduce in todays article. Based in Seattle with many “offline” stores worldwide (and also restaurants) and more than 100 years tradition. That’s NORDSTORM. Again offering bunch of luxury design pieces including Burberry or CHANEL (cosmetics). Nice place to spend your evening online.

Do you have any other tip to follow? Leave us a comment!