7 tips on how to care about Chanel leather handbag

How to care about Chanel handbag

Have you just returned from a shopping spree in the finest boutiques and bought a Chanel handbag? If it is your first handbag of this kind, you should be aware that a certain care about it is a must. It is a real jewel among handbags and you certainly wish to cherish it as long as possible. That is why your attitude to this glamorous accessory should be practical.

A lot of information about how to care about Chanel bag and ladies might cause confusion. We are offering you a list of basic steps which you should take when caring about Chanel handbag.

1/7: Position
You should always put your handbag in the upright position. It’s a good idea to fill in your bag with some “stuffy” paper or tissue, which ensures it keep its shape.

2/7: Place and light
Do not forget to make sure that the handbag is always in a nice cool place, not in the sun. Direct sunlight could destroy the color with time and can cause the loss or a change of color. Also spot lights or fluorescent light could cause damage, since white leather is very light sensitive. The best place to store your Chanel bag is a dust bag.

3/7: Cleaning
When cleaning your Chanel handbag, do not use any acid detergent. Water and soap are the best. You can clean it gently with a natural-colored soft cloth which is made of wool. You should not rub it with rough materials. Now, we have a special tip: You can also bring the bag to the Chanel store where you bought it and they will professionally clean your bag. The worst thing that could happen is throwing your Chanel handbag into the washer. Contact of handbag with water, grease, makeup and perfume should be avoided.

4/7: Makeup and lipsticks
As a modern lady, you know that makeup can do a lot of harm to clothes. A handbag is not an exception. That is why putting all makeup and lipsticks separately in a small pouch with a zipper in your bag is a good idea.

5/7: Stationery
Another “threat” to your Chanel handbag is a pen. Once opened in the handbag, it can cause a big problem. The solution is similar to your makeup handling – a small pouch with a zipper. Avoid pens which have a cap because the top of it can be quickly removed and can be harming your handbag. A better alternative is a pop in and out pen that works with the press of a button.

6/7: Water
Unpleasant things happen and one of them is, when your handbag gets wet. You should be prepared for this situation, too. The rule number one is that you should not wipe it but absorb the water by tapping gently with a woolen cloth. If your handbag accidentally gets wet, do not use a hair dryer. A great thing is to clean it with a thick microfiber towel and let the handbag dry in the air.

7/7: Greasy marks
Another problem which you can come across with, are greasy marks. You can remove them with unscented talcum. It should be sprinkled on the mark, left overnight and brushed off gently with a clean makeup brush. Stains can be removed as soon as possible with a damp cloth.

As you can see, all the problems when caring about the Chanel handbag can be solved or avoided. We will be glad if you find our tips and pieces of advice useful and beneficial.


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