If you are really into fashion, you should not skip this article. We are going to present the main differencies between Hermès Birkin and Hermès Kelly. Both of the bags belong to the top of what designers have to offer. They are produced by a French company Hermès which was founded as early as 1837. We decided to describe their main features and compare them.

But first… things the bags have in common:

They are made from bull calves (Togo leather) and less frequently from goatskin or exotic leathers (lizards, crocodile and ostrich). The inside of the handbags is usually made from goatskin. The bottoms of the both types are made from three layers of leather.

The production of one handbag can take up from 18 to 25 hours and is made entirely by hand of a single artisan. Both handbags have got a lock and key, placed at a metal-tipped clasp at front side of handbag. Every lock have a unique number code.

Photo: Hermès Kelly (black color) on the left and Birkin (wine red) on the right

Hermes Birkin and Kelly handbag

If you have no idea about price, we can reveal that the lowest price reaches €7000 and can go up to €50000 (for both Kelly and Birkin). If you would like to own a Birkin bag made from crocodile, the price could go great over €100000.

Hermès is known for their fabulous colors. This season the most famous ones are Malachite, Bamboo, Anenome, Ultraviolet together with Black, Etoupe and Blue Jean. Do you want to own one? Are you not sure which one to choose? If so, read on and find out which one is more suitable and practical for you.

The main differences between Hermès Birkin and Hermès Kelly bag:

  1. Birkin has an open top and it is easier to open than the Kelly. It could remain open while wearing.
  2. Kelly has only one handle, Birkin two of them.
  3. Birkins flap is split into 3 parts, while Kelly has one piece.
  4. You can wear Kelly as crossbody, while Birkin is more tote bag.

Hermes Birkin vs. Kelly

More differencies:

  • Birkins are more casual and sporty, while Kelly is more formal.
  • Birkin is more flexible, while Kelly keep more its shape.
  • Birkin is heavier than Kelly, but have more space inside.

Detail: Hermès Birkin bag ↓

  • It got its name after a singer and an actress Jane Birkin. It is intended for women who love fashion.
  • It varies in many colors and sizes.
  • Approximately 5 Birkin bags are made every week in Paris.
  • It has a large space inside and easy access for your valuables, there is even a zipper pocket where you can carry your wallet.
  • It is a tote bag which means you can carry it in the arm with two handles.
  • You can carry it fully packed with your things.
  • It opens comfortably at the top and can remain opened.
  • The metallic material is plated with gold (white or yellow) and palladium.
  • It has special saddle stitches that Hermès is known for.
  • The most practical size of Birkin is 35 cm where you can carry your wallet, phone, makeup, notepad or keys.

Photo: Hermès Birkin bag made from Ostrich leather (click for extra large image)

Hermes Birkin bag detail photo

Detail: Hermès Kelly bag ↓

  • It was formerly known as Sac à dépêches.
  • It is named after an American actress and Monégasque princess Grace Kelly.
  • Today, this bag is an expensive status symbol.
  • It is sold in 8 sizes from 15 to 50cm.
  • It has only one handle on the top.
  • There is a strap and you can be absolutely hands free and carry it cross body.
  • You cannot keep the bag open.
  • It has more refined look.
  • The most practical size of Kelly bag is 32cm size.

Photo: Hermès Kelly bag made from Ostrich leather (click for extra large image)

Hermes Kelly bag extra large photo

We hope we have provided you with sufficient information necessary when deciding which one to choose. Either of them is a sign of the designer fashion and luxury. We are going to write more detailed posts about Birkin next months, so leave us your email to let you know.