You are invited to a party next weekend and that starts your dilemma what to wear. You have tried many shoes, some of them fit but you are still not sure what is right. Does this ring a bell with you? Do you know this situation? Are you literate when it comes to shoes? If not, we are going to help you by explaining what high heel shoes, stilettos and pumps are.

1.) High heels

According to a fashion stylist, high heel shoes raise the heel of a woman´s foot significantly higher than the toes. The length of the heel is usually longer than 8, 9 cm. Girls look longer and their body seems slimmer. They are suitable on specific occasions – so high heel shoes are a good choice for your party.

The typical example of classic high heels is Drink Moschino: Closed-toe Slip-ons.

2.) Stilettos

Stilettos are a subcategory of high heel shoes. Their heel can be extra-long and it is usually made from steel. The height of the stilettos heels is from 2,5 up to 25 cm. If you opt for stilettos, be sure that your body will look extra-long and thin. Your bust and buttock will attract looks of opposite sex. It is caused by better posture when wearing stilettos. It promotes hip swaying while walking in them. You will be the queen of the party and stilettos will give you feminine look. They also come in the boots version or with open toe.

The typical example of classic stilettos is Christian Louboutin: Hot Chic (130 mm).

3.) Pumps

If you want to feel comfortable at the party and dance at the same time, then pumps are the right option for you. Never heard this expression? Well, pumps are normally flat or low heeled shoes. They are known as court shoes in UK English and they have closed heel with no buckles. Every woman should have one pair to match their black cocktail dress. The length of the heel is no longer than 5 cm. They have a round cut and are welcome in formal occasions but they will serve the purpose for dancing, too. Pumps comes usually with closed toe. Pumps with open toe are usually called sandals.

The typical example of classic pumps is Manolo Blahnik: Tayler D’Orsay Pumps.

We have provided you with the basic definition and description of these above mentioned shoes. We hope you will enjoy your shopping spree when looking for the right type of shoes – not only for the next weekend party.