Do you long for Christian Louboutin shoes? And do you want to keep its red soles forever? If so, you should know that when you wear them regularly, they won’t stay in their best shape very long. Any way, it is not a sign of a fake. You have to take special care of your pair, continue reading to discover secret of forever red soles!

There are several proven ways, how to protect your beautiful red Christian Louboutin soles. Let’s go through.

  1. Touch-up paint – This method is the best for those customers who do not wear the shoes regularly and want to keep their young look. There are many special paints for soles of the shoes. You may fix the usage signs. Anyway, there is one disadvantage – they do not stay too long but it is fast and cheap method.

  2. Mobile screen shield – You might have not heard about it, but yes, it is true. There are several types of foils for mobile screens which hold on the sole of these shoes and they protect them from destroying. It is a home-made method. You may simply cut the shield to fit the sole and apply.

  3. Louboutin sole replacement – In several professional shoe repairs, they will change the red sole when the lower part – this which you touch the ground when walking – is changed for more resistible red sole. It will keep its red color and it is very similar to original Louboutin sole. It is basically a thin red rubber. It is a great concept, but it is not exactly identical to original one.

  4. Protect Your Pumps” service – You can buy protective layers on internet which can be stuck on the sole. The price ranges from 25 dollars for 3 pieces of protection foil. Each sheet covers the entire sole. It protects from scratches, scrapes and dirt. More about the service at its website. Of course, you can use it on other designer shoes as well, not only Christian Louboutin.

Photo: Difference between one shoe with “Protect Your Pumps” layer and one without it, same time of usage ↓

Protected vs. unprotected sole

Why are the Christian Loubotins soles red?

The story behind the red soles started with a trip in museum. Loboutin really liked sign barring women who were wearing stilettos. They did not scratch the floor and he had a picture of these shoes in his mind. It inspired his collection. He said: “I wanted to defy that. I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered.”

The red shoes were inspired also by Louboutin´s assistant. She was painting her nails a red color. He took one look at it and invented the red sole of his shoes. . “I thought ‘Oh my God! Red soles are so flirtatious,’ and my customers asked me not to stop.”

Do all christian louboutins have red soles?

No, they do not. In the last decade, there were blue soled bridal shoes available. They were meant for bride-to-be something blue and they were very short lived.

Photo: Christian Louboutin wedding shoes with bridal blue sole 

Christian Louboutin wedding shoes with bridal blue sole

As you can see, this unique bridal collection is perfect matching with Tiffany&Co. jewellery. By the way, do you know what is the best way how to clean your Tiffany jewels?