Jeremy Scott: Fashion Designer Biography

Jeremy Scott is an American fashion designer who was born and raised in Kansas, Missouri.

Childhood and Early Life

He started his life on the farm and today, he often misses home and says that there is no place like home. It means he grew up in rural area and as a child he was often misunderstood. When he was 5, the family moved to the farm, so part of his childhood was in really rural part of Missouri which was an hour and half outside Kansas City. They would pick chicken eggs out of the coop and they had pigs, cattle and other domestic animals. His father then moved the family back to Kansas City where Jeremy was free and could play as long as he wanted and could run wild.

Family and Personal Life

He has one Brother- James and Sister Barbara who are eight and ten years older than him. He gets on very well with his sister as she is one of his best friends and he is in touch with her every day. He loves his brother but he has closer relationship with his sister. In his own words, his parents are really sweet- his mom is a schoolteacher who is really supportive of him and dad is retired now. He used to be an engineer, working with numbers. His mum begged little Jeremy not to wear certain clothes to school as they were too eccentric. He would just pack them in his bag and changed them on the way.

After moving back to Kansas City, he was shocked by the kids as they were so wild in comparison with him. He fell in love with Cindy Lauper and listening to her music helped him a lot. At school, he read the Vogue magazine between classes. He wrote about fashion in French essays. He did not have many friends at school; he used to sit in the corner of the playground every day. For him, the basic school was terrible experience as he often wanted to quit school till 18.  He hated school rules because he loved being on a farm and with country kids. When he was in the 5th grade, he dyed his hair red as he was trying to go blonde but it turned orange.

He moved to Brooklyn where he attended Pratt Institute, New York.  He studied fashion design. His graduate show was inspired by the accident in Chernobyl and each season trends was about a Russian peasant look. It was all white with platform sandals. He used plastic vinyl, ski masks with zippers over lips and thigh high leg warmers. When he graduated in his age of 21, he returned to Paris where he was showcasing his work in the Paris Fashion Week. He is well –known and famous thanks to creating comical designs as for example hospital gowns or one-legged pants.


Jeremy Scott started his career in 1990´s showing in Paris Fashion Week. He was the first designer to use model Devon Aoki who has become a long-time friend and supporter. He won the Venus de la Mode Award for the “Best Designer of the year” in both 1996 and 1997.  According to Vogue, it was the ready- to-wear show. It was a wise reply to all his detractors who accused him of producing extravagant clothes that no one would wear.  He was nominatd for the Best Young Designer.  According to Vogue, ita was the ready- to-wear show. It was a wise reply to all his detractors who accused him of producing extravagant clothes that no one would wear.

Jeremy Scott for Adidas

In 2002, he cooperated with Adidas and he made a jacquard with an image of Money.  In 2008, he cooperated with Addidas again and he launched footwear collection. It was popular among hip hop style music people for which he created silk jacquard. Since 2009 the Adidas have been exciting for wide public consumers as well as for popular and influential artists around the world. Dancers for Madonna wore Jeremy Scott track suits for Adidas Originals. He is always embracing Adidas brand values, transporting them to the public and bringing them to new areas and platform.

Jeremy Scott for Moschino

In October 2013, Jeremy Scott became Moschino’s Creative Director. He showed his first Moschino Collection in fall 2014 and he launched Jeremy Scott´s Moschino fragrance called Moschino Toy – a unisex scent in the shape of a teddy bear. The founder of Moschino – Franco Moschino died in 1994 and Scott had a feeling for the brand’s particularly Italian angle on chic. The drive of the brand is to make fashion fun while still remaining chic, timeless and feminine. Everything was molto sexy, molto luxurious, molto funny. Scott took glee in splashing the house signature everywhere he could. Its logo became very relevant again.  It is famous for its colorfully innovative and playful designs.  The label has grown into institution and lifestyle.

In his effort to bring Moschino closer to youner generation, Scott truly puts the pop in pop culture in his masterpieces – Moschino drink. For example in backpacks and handbags there is a playful take on an iconic soda label complete with nutritional table – it is sure to quench your fashion thirst. He uses the motif of Coca cola and Mc Donald.

Jeremy Scott Collections

It is well known that Jeremy has the ability to turn out chic clothes and still maintain free and independent spirit. For instance, Rihanna wears his denim runway look and Britney Spears who wears the retro-futuristic stewardess frock in her video to the hit „toxic“.


In June 2012, Adidas withdrew from sale the pair of sneakers called JS Roundhouse Mids. The reason was that they resembled shackles and allusion to slavery. Scott denied it and said it was the reference to the children´s toy My Pet Monster. Again, in 2013, he was accused of plagiarizing designs from Santa Cruz Skateboards. He ceased production of his collection.

Jeremy Scott Photo

Name: Jeremy Scott

Born: 8.8.1975 (Kansas City, Missouri, United Stated)

Nationality: American

Brands: Jeremy Scott, Adidas, Moschino