No matter how much you want to spend on your bag, you want it to be pracital, stylish and made of durable materials. That’s true even more when only luxury and expensive kinds of handabgs are on your wishlist, for example Prada. But before enjoying the feeling of having your own one, you should be really sure not only about it’s style, but also about the quality. So let’s do some resarch and check out the materials Prada bags are made of!

1.) Buffalo leather ↓

Prada Buffalo Leather

This type of leather is flexible and durable, ideal for any occasion. Its pebbled patern works very well with any outfit and is suitable for everyday use. You can find it in many colors, but not in new collections. If you really want this material, try to check out some online sellers of used bags or outlet stores.

+ Durable, supple leather
+ Works good with every outfit

– Used mostly on older models

2.) Cinghiale – Wild boarskin ↓

Prada Cinghiale Pig Leather

Yes, also Prada use a pig skin to make their bags. It just has a fancy name – Cinghiale or Wild boarskin, as you wish. This material is not very popular nowadays and you can see it more on older Prada bags. So if your mum bought one of them twenty years ago, you now have your own vintage piece!

+ Similar to the calf leather
+ Tough and durable
+ Looks like new for a very long period of time

– Very stiff, needs to be stuffed very carefully cause once it gets creased, you won’t be able to fix it

3.) Coccodrillo – Crocodile ↓

Prada Crocodile Leather

If you really want to splurge, look no further – you just found a perfect item to invest in. But be careful and don’t buy a fake one. So how would you know something is a real crocodile leather? Remember that it has small pores (dimples) on the edge of each scale. But no worries, it’s not like you will come to a Prada official store and they will try to sell you some fake. Also, as an expensive and luxurious pieces, Prada offers it only in limited time and amount, so once you’ll find out they are selling something like that, hurry up!

+ Glamurous and truly exclusive piece, a status symbol
+ Never will be out of style

– Definitely the price (35.000 €), so not everyone can afford it
– Usually in limited amount and stores

4.) Daino – Deerskin ↓

Prada Deerskin Leather

This bags usually come in various shades of brown, so it looks well with almost every outfit. Even though the leather is pretty thick, it’s not really an every day bag since it shows marks and scratches from a constant wear. But if you will treat it well and look for it carefully, all the dings won’t be that noticeable. There is also a Cervo Prada bag made with wild deer skin, which also requieres some extra care.

+ Durable and thick, yet really soft material
+ Nice and natural colors

– Gets scratched easily – however – it just adds the bag a character and nice, worn look
– Needs much care to keep it look as if it’s not worn

5.) Lucertola – Lizard ↓

Prada Lizard Leather

This kind of material has an incredibly elegant, luxurious and smooth appearance. Bags made of lizard skin are sold in a wide range of attractive colors and oozes higher class. At the same time, they are very versatile and perfect for a day time use as well – if you need to make your simple, black and white outfit to stand out, lizard skin bag should do the trick!

+ Glamurous, sumptuous and elegant style
+ Adds a little kick to any outfit

+ Very hard to find a new, not worn piece

6.) Nappa – Full Grain Leather ↓

Prada Nappa Leather

Soft and thin skin, usually comes in (loved and hated) signature gaufre gathered style. While some woman hate it, the other group would swear by it. However, despite of a very delicate and thin skin, it is a very durable and luxurious looking leather, although you have to take a special care of it. But with this kind of bag, who would not make an effort?

+ Soft, delicate and thin, yet durable leather
+ Signature, well-known style
+ Lightweight

– Can be easily scratched and harmed

7.) Saffiano – Textured Leather ↓

Prada Saffiano Leather

Anytime you go out to a dinner, you can rely on Saffiano Prada bag. Or if you go the the office. Or party. This bag is like a miracle! Perfectly versatile, yet luxurious and elegant. Signature diagonal texture of Saffiano leather bags has been patended by Prada and was used to make many of a new collection bags.

+ Extremly versatile, durable and resistant material
+ Thanks to the calfskin and grain mixture it’s easy to maintain
+ Suitable for every occasion

– There are none – are they?

8.) Scamosciato – Suede ↓

Prada Scamosciato Leather

Who would not like to have a velvety, calf leather bag? Prada suede bags are chic, glamurous, and easy to wear with any outfit. They usually comes with Nappa leather lining and handles. All of them are definitely an every day bags, even though a little bit more expensive than normal, (non-suede) ones. We also know Comoscio Prada bags – suede from goat skin, while Scamosciato is from calf skin.

+ Luxurious, unique and eye-catching every day bag
+ Incredibly soft and smooth leather

– Weather sensitive
– Hard to clean

9.) Spazzolato – Polished Leather ↓

Prada Spazzolato Leather

Feminine, exclusive and a little extravagant. That’s how the Spazzolato Prada bags are. They are quite popular, even though their shiny look is not everyone’s cup of tea. Due to it’s delicate and soft material be sure it will scratch soon, even if you are as carefull as possible.

+ A little extravagant, yet feminine handbag
+ Easy to clean
+ Waterproof

– Hard to maintain, gets scratched easily

10.) Struzzo – Ostrich ↓

Prada Struzzo Ostrich Leather

Ostrich leather Prada handbags are top quality, but twice as expensive as (for example) Staffiano bags. This high class, intriguing leather is a bit bumpy, but we still love it. Nothing says luxury and elegance like Ostrich leather bag does!

+ Strong, luxury leather
+ Unique pattern

– Price
– It may seem a little rough and heavy

11.) Cavallino – Calfskin ↓

Prada Cavallino Leather

If you are interested in some eye-catching piece, you should buy Cavallino Prada bag. This material might be very appealing and somehow different than every other, but its really hard to maintain and clean.

+ Different than any other
+ Many patterns – cheetah, giraffe and so on
+ Elegant and durable calfskin

– Hard to maintain, gets stained easily

12.) Vernice – Patent Leather ↓

Prada Vernice Leather

Patent leather is sometimes mistaken with a Polished one (which we mentioned before), but there is a difference between those two. Patent leather is lambskin or calfskin with a plastic coating and (but not always) saffiano texture. Its glossy and shiny exterior gets scratched very easily, so always choose rather some darker color.

+ Eye-catching, chick accessorie
+ Exclusive shiny look

– Show scratches and other marks

13.) Vitello – Calf Leather ↓

Prada Vitello Leather

Vitello, Vitello Lux and Vitello Daino (photo below) refer to slick, soft and smooth calfskin leather. it’s a very popular choice because of its beautiful design, durability, and strenght. It is the classic, good sized Prada bag, that definitely has to be on your wishlist!

+ Perfectly versatile
+ Soft and smooth material
+ Beautiful, classic style

– We don’t see any!

14.) Prada Canapa/Canvas ↓

Prada Canapa Canvas Leather

If you need a stylish, designer weekend bag, this one is just perfect for you. If you are still considering this material as a delicate and easy to destroy, we have to tell you it’s not that bad. Sure, it’s still cotton, but Prada did it with style – this fabric is durable, luxurious and easier to clean than other canvas in the industry.

+ Luxurious weekend or everyday bag

– Hard to maintain
– Hard to clean, gets stained easily and quickly
– Weather sensitive

15.) Prada Tessuto/Vela Leather ↓

Prada Tessuto Vela Leather

If you are looking for a durable, yet very trendy and common bag, go for the Prada Tessuto/Vela Leather. It was introduced in 1978 by Miuccia Prada herself. She created very popular, durable and thick leather, which is known by its shiny and glorious look. It’s waterproof, easy to maintain and really hard to scratch. If you don’t want to baby your bag, this is exactly what you are looking for!

+ Durable, thick, waterproof material
+ Easy to clean – just wipe it with a cloth

– Do you see any? We don’t!

16.) Prada Tessuto Bomber ↓

Prada Tessuto Bomber Leather

This bag is made of a durable nylon and has a puffy design with a luxurious leather trim. You can take it everywhere and don’t have to care about it that much, since it can withstand almost anything. Everyone seems to love it – it’s a wonderful accessory that goes with almost every outfit. If any scratches show, they can be professionally cleaned.

+ Popular, durable material
+ Perfect for strolling around town

– Not that elegant

17.) Prada Tessuto Gaufre Leather ↓

Prada Tessuto Guafre Leather

This type of leather is really popular between all the fashionistas all over the world. It will never go out of style, the leather is durable, and thanks to its versatile style, you can use it either on casual days or on night events. It looks pretty same like Nappa, but it’s not a real leather, but textile. If comfort and style is what you are looking for, go for this material type.

+ Versatile, durable leather
+ You can carry a lot of stuff in it

– There are a lot of fake Tessuto Gauffré out there
– Not a real leather

Which one is the best for me?

This question is impossible to answer. You have to choose carefully and consider all the facts you know. Do you want to invest serious amount of money? Go for a crocodile leather. On the other hand, if you need something more versatile, buy Saffiano or Vitello leather bag. But really – it’s completely up to you! Last but not least, don’t forget you have to care for each one of them with love and respect!