It was several months ago when Louis Vuitton introduced its new Cruise 2015 collection (Collection Croisiére 2015). I have noticed rumours some of the pieces are inspired by unique Fendi style. According to several discusionss across the internet people thinks especially Pochette Mask handbag and Tribal Mask handbags are not unlike popular Fendi bags. Is it really too hot? Let’s take a closer look.


Fendi handbags are designed with similarity to penguins, and those from LV are inspired by African masks. Of course, the designs looks very close, but obviously it’s not an intention.

Maybe an overall tone of appearance is very close, but talking about details, there is the difference. And of course the collections were made by different designers, but you know what? Louis Vuitton is owned by LVHM, a French luxury goods conglomerate, the same one, which owns Fendi. Which one would you like? My personal preference goes for Fendi. And yours?