More and more bags are made from “Saffiano”. It’s durable and practical material which is easy to clean.  But what exactly is a Saffiano leather? Where did it come from and how it is produced? Read on to find out!

History of Saffiano

Saffiano leather has an origin in Italy. Originally, Prada had a patent for real Saffiano leather. It is possible that it was invented by Mario Prada himself in Italy and it is one of Prada´s masterpieces. The first handbags made from Saffiano were made in 1913, when Prada started its designer handbags journey.

Definition: What is Saffiano leather?

And how to define Saffiano? It is textured leather where the texture is made by machine. It has a cross-hatch style and diagonal pattern and it is usually made from calf skin (genuine) or poly-urethane (faux) with wax finish. Let’s get a closer look at detailed images.

Image: Saffiano genuine leather made from calfskin (click for a large photo) ↓

Saffiano genuine leather calf skin

Image: Saffiano faux leather made from polyurethane (click for a large photo) ↓

Saffiano faux leather polyurethane

Process of production

  1. Its production is really interesting as it is put under a machine heated to 165F.
  2. Then, the leather is pressed on for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Then, it is treated with wax finish – it gives the leather durability and it prevents scratches and cracks on the handbag.

The only thing which could harm saffiano is the razor-sharp item. If this happened, it could cut through the wax finish. Today, it is also produced as quality artificial (faux) leather made from polyurethane. Luxurious handbags as for example Love Moschino or DKNY use this faux leather type.

Properties of Saffiano

Saffiano italian leather has a great durability and it creates vibrant and colorful pieces. Texture has unique and unmistakable look. It comes in many colors and is typical by its scratch-resistance and water-resistance.

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Because of its shape and form, the convex peaks wear off faster. Then it causes that the leather loses its signature and bi-coloured look.

Is Saffiano leather waterproof?

Well, the Saffiano leather is water-resistance, but it doesn’t mean you can keep your handbag while diving in a sea. So you can wear your saffiano leather stuff in rain, but this should be its only contact with water.

Photo: Wax create a surface protective layer, so water droplets can’t absorb ↓

Is Saffiano leather waterproof?

How to care about it?

  • Get protection with HD Transparent Coating.
  • If the stain occurs, look for immediate professional help.
  • Do not rub the leather. It could cause tear of the convex peak.
  • Cleaning Saffiano leather is realy easy. Just wipe it with dry and soft cloth. You will thus remove dust and dirt. Wipe it all gently.
  • From time to time, do a more thorough cleaning. It means you should use moist cotton cloth.
  • The moist cloth should not be too wet (actually it’s a good cleaner also when dry).
  • To keep the softness, use leather conditioner (you can use it for faux Saffiano as well).

Typical handbag made from Saffiano leather is Prada Saffiano Lux Mini Satchel on image below (click for a large photo).

Saffiano Lux Mini Satchel

Other designers who use the leather much are Michael Kors (for example Hamilton Tote and Jet Set Tote) or Moschino. We are going to write about other materials as well, so don’t forget to leave us your email below to let you know.