Ultimate guide to MICHAEL by Michael Kors handbags collections (styles and differences)

Michael Kors Guide

Are you confused from the great variety of Michael Kors handbags? Are you aware which one is the right for you? If not, we will provide you with the detailed description of styles and differences of the Michael Kors handbags collections and product lines.

Michael Kors handbags fall in two subcategories:

1.) Michael Kors
Michael Kors bag group is more fashionable what is seen on the runways. These bags usually cost €1,000 and up.

2.) MICHAEL by Michael Kors
On the other hand there is MICHAEL by Michael Kors bag group which is at more affordable price, the handbags are more widespread and the target group is young generation.

If you prefer either product line or you have a typical style which you do not want to change, read on. These handbags are here to put a finishing touch to your appearance and thus making you attractive.

Michael Kors ASHBURY ↓

This type of handbags is characterized by a free cut and variability. It belongs to the bigger handbags and there are snappers on the both sides of the handbag. You will find it in brown, navy and black color, leather type is pearl grey and violet. It is made of full grain soft leather and has a charming tassel detail. You can take it anywhere if you want to feel comfortable as it can carry “a ton” of stuff and it is still comfortable. Michael Kors Ashbury product line is no more available in shops.

Photo: Michael Kors Ashbury Large Shoulder Bag (black)

Michael Kors Ashbury

Michael Kors AUBREY ↓

Aubrey handbag is in the shape of a suitcase. It will carry you in all seasons and it is really stylish. There is a blend of smooth leather with logo print. It is a roomy bag with top handles. You can also wear it across the chest. There are two outer slit pockets. Inside, there is one large open pocket and two small open pockets. The logo is crafted from PVC in two colors – vanilla and brown. You may choose from the two sizes – small and large. Also this product line is no more available in shops.

Photo: Michael Kors Aubrey Small Satchel (logo)

Michael Kors Aubrey

Michael Kors BEDFORD ↓

The Bedford bag group has the largest variety of bags. It ranges from stylish to classic. There is a chain-link handle. You can wear it over the shoulder or across a chest. It is stylish and chic. What is more, it has a magnetic closure which adds elegance to this handbag. It is one the most favorite handbags line today, especially Leather Bedford Hobo, which is made from cow leather. Anyway, there are also models from ponyskin or snake skin. Some models have also card holders inside. It comes in many colors (some also in metallic option) and 3 styles – crossbody, totes or shoulder bag.

Price range: €178 – €298 (depends on model)

Photo: Michael Kors Bedford Tassle Medium Leather Shoulder Bag (black)

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Bedford Tassle Medium Leather Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors BERKLEY ↓

This handbag is suitable for all types of occasions. There is a polished patent-leather silhouette and long shoulder strap. You can opt for black or elegant claret color. You can use the long shoulder strap which is finished with a shiny chain-link which and you can wear it as a shoulder bag. You may combine it with sweaters and fur accessories. This bag group has undergone some changes and now, the shapes are sharply cut. If you want to go for an exotic look, then choose Berkley Leopard Hair Calf Clutch. You will be the queen of the party or more formal occasion.

Price range: €198 – €225 (depends on material)

Photo: Michael Kors Berkley Large Leather Clutch (metallic)

Michael Kors Berkley

Michael Kors BROOKE ↓

The typical feature of this handbag group is a strap base made by iron chain. There is pebbled leather with the single top handle and elongated shoulder strap. This is a really elegant piece as it has sharp chain shapes and comes in three colors: claret, brown, pearl grey and black. There is gold and silver hardware. It contains full grain which makes it a visible texture. You can wear it as a crossbody as it has adjustable strap. Michael Kors Brooke handbags comes with circle metal “MK” fob. Do you really want to look chic and sexy? Then, combine this handbag with cropped sweater and skinny jeans.

Price range: €300 – €400 (depends on model)

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Brooke large textured-leather shoulder bag (black)

Michael Kors Brooke

Michael Kors CAMDEN ↓

The Camden line is famous for its free shape where two straps dominate. They are connected by the buckle. There is even phone pocket inside which makes this handbag practical and comfortable. You can take the handbag anywhere. It has soft and comfortable design. It is glamorous at the same time as it has slouchy design. You can choose from few colors – black, brown, whit, navy or metallic. For its free shape is Camden an ideal piece for everyday use.

Price range: €195 – €398 (depends on model)

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Camden Large Drawstring Shoulder Tote (biege)

Michael Kors Camden

Michael Kors CASEY ↓

The Casey line is one of the most expensive handbags by Michael Kors. It is rendered in calf leather and pony skin. There is lock-and-key hardware and it is available in many color variations and sizes. The original colors make it a super handbag with which you will be unforgettable. Casey used to have a golden hardware, anyway, some of the crocodile or python made handbags may have a silver one nowdays. There is even a pocket with a functional lock and key closure. It is a typical business bag made of lambskin leather or ponyskin, and as said above, there is also available Casey bag made from python or crocodile.

Price range: €590 – €10000 (depends on material)

  • Crocodile leather: €10000
  • Python leather: €2500
  • Standard leather types: €1200

Photo: Michael Kors Casey Small Python Satchel

Michael Kors Casey

Michael Kors CYNTHIA ↓

This bag group belongs to the most recent ones. Some parts of the handbag are made from tortoise and other materials. It is timeless and luxurious. There are satchel and tote handbags in this group and it comes in small, medium and large sizes. It is typical with chain handle. The colors you can choose from are white, mandarin, palm green, navy and black. It is great to wear this handbag everyday as it is suitable in all seasons.

Price range: €298 – €360 (depends on size and model)

Shop: Buy at Farfetch.com for €360

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Cynthia Signature Medium Satchel (white logo)

Michael Kors Cynthia

Michael Kors DILLON ↓

Dillon is characterized by fabric which imitates crocodile leather and it is a classic tote bag. Dillon is not made of real crocodile leather, it would be more expensive if it were made of real one. You can choose from many colors, including dark red, navy, black or brown. It is an exotic touch of the luxury. There are also Dillon bags made from saffiano leather. It is roomy, so you can put many items inside. It is very nice and glossy with elegant magnetic closure.

Price range: €278 – €398 (depends on size and material)

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Dillon E/W Satchel (red faux crocodile)

Michael Kors Dillon

Michael Kors FLORENCE ↓

You will know Florence handbag group by unmistakable MK logo. There are tonal top handles and you can carry it in any way. Classic is the right expression to describe this line. It is made of cow leather. It combines signature of Michael Kors with classic sophistication. It is black color and there is an adjustable shoulder strap at Florence handbags. One divider pocket together with phone pocket makes it a practical handbag for everyday use. Mini messenger is a type of Florence group. Although it is smaller, many items can be put inside.

Price range: €220 – €398 (depends on size)

Photo: Michael Kors Florence Leather Small Satchel (Claret)

Michael Kors Florence

Michael Kors HAMILTON ↓

It is one of the most popular bags. Its features are: MK key with lock, vintage silhouette and leather belting. You can take it to the office and night out, too. You can choose the handle or the shoulder strap and most of the Hamiltons are made from Saffiano leather. The sky is the limit if it comes to the color of these handbags. They come in chilli, mandarin, peanut, black, blue, orange, claret, apple, dark olive, navy, brown, mandarin or coffee. As it’s available in so many variations, colors and materials, it makes it one of the most favorite group bags.

Price range: €198 – €548 (depends on size, material and color)

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Saffiano Leather Tote (Pink)

Michael Kors Hamilton

Michael Kors JET SET ↓

Again, this is one of the most favorite types of MICHAEL by Michael Kors bag groups. It comes in many colors, variety, PVC, Saffiano leather. You can take it anywhere and at any season. You can wear it on your arm or over the shoulder. There is not an iron logo MK, but a pendant with this logo or metal desk. It is good for carrying papers and other items. Although it is designed for the office, you will look absolutely gorgeous for evenings out. Almost all Jet Sets are designed as Totes or cross body purses.

Price range: €128 – €328 (depends on model, size, material and color)

Shop: Buy at Farfetch.com from €218 (sale)

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set East West Top Zip Tote (Violet)

Michael Kors Jet Set

Michael Kors JULES ↓

It is made from beef leather and has a simple, free shape. Gilded hardware ensures its attractiveness. You can choose from large range of colors. Do you want to look chic and elegant? Then certainly bet on denim culottes or midi skirt which perfectly matches your style with Jules handbag. There is an adjustable strap and it’s one of the handbags in which you will carry anything as it is the favorite carryall bucket bag. It has a “shade” of 70s style. Retro is the right word to describe this bag group.

Price range: €168 – €328

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Jules Drawstring Logo Large Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors Jules

Michael Kors KEMPTON ↓

This type of bag group is optimal for travelling as it has long shoulder straps, roomy and lightweight nylon body. There is leather trim and gilded hardware. It is a timeless classic. It is suitable for carry-on and it is practical piece of handbag. It has a casual cool look. It is everyday ultimate essential. There are three open inside pockets and together with a zip, they provide super combination for shopping.

Price range: €88 – €118 (depends on type)

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Kempton Nylon Small Tote (biege)

Michael Kors Kempton

Michael Kors SELMA ↓

It is popular thanks to classic simple shape and iron logo. It is unique as it is spacious with a sleek silhouette and with drop handles and extra-long shoulder strap. It is made from saffiano leather. Anyway, there are also PVC logo handbags of this bag group. There have been many colors, patterns and materials during its history. It is versatile. Thanks to its popularity, women like to carry it at the elbow or carefree crossbody. You will love the elegant design.

Price range: €118 – €358 (depends on model, color, size nad material)

Shop: Buy at Farfetch.com from €234 (sale)

Photo: Michael Kors Selma Large Saffiano Leather Satchel (Yellow)

Michael Kors Selma

Michael Kors SUSSANAH ↓

These are very ladylike soft handbags as they match every look. They add polished expression and they are crafted from lambskin leather (do you remember the Chanel Flap Bag?). You can carry Sussanah on the arm with a cropped sweater. You may combine it with high – waisted trousers. You will look marvelous. There is an adjustable strap. It comes in black and claret color variation. You will gain unforgettable look with this fashionable piece.

Price range: €278 – €398 (depends on model and size)

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Susannah Medium Quilted Shoulder Tote (Black)

Michael Kors Susannah

Michael Kors CINDY ↓

This bag group offers a structured silhouette and spacious interior. It has a detachable shoulder strap and is made from Saffiano leather. It provides elegance and luxury as it is a polished piece. It is timeless and trendy. It has sophisticated details and buckle –fastened shoulder strap. There are many interior pockets and a top zip closure. It is made from sumptuous leather which gets better with time. You can carry it every day in every season so it is a good bargain. Cindy is typical for its pastel colors.

Price range: €117 – €298 (depends on model, size and color)

Photo: MICHAEL Michael Kors Cindy Medium Saffiano Leather Satchel (Black)

Michael Kors Cindy

We have described the main bag groups and model lines and hope that you will find our guide handy and helpful. Together with our guide you will be able to choose the bags which really suit your need and personality. An investment into a quality handbag will pay off long term. An independent and attractive woman – these adjectives best describe the designer handbags of Michael Kors.


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