Why to buy Michael Kors instead of Tory Burch (pros and cons)

Michael Kors versus Tory Burch

Would you like to wear a designer handbag or other accessory from Michael Kors or Tory Burch? Then you might come to the dilemma deciding between these two brands. If this is true for you, then certainly read on and let us explain you the main differencies between these two contemporary designers.

Michael Kors pros and cons:

  • The target group of their handbags is almost the same although Tory Burch is a little bit more expensive.
  • If you live in Europe, Michael Kors handbags are more widespread there than handbags of Tory Burch.
  • The price is a little bit lower than Burch, you can buy a handbag from MICHAEL Michael Kors from $200- $300 or less (if in sale).
  • They are more affordable than Tory Burch handbags.
  • Michael Kors’ social media marketing strategy is great, everybody knows it!
  • They are available in 85 countries.
  • The quality is higher. In the past, there were some problems with handbags and shoes from Tory Burch. The shoes disintegrated and hardware fell off the handbags.

Photo: Michael Kors blue satchel in compare with Tory Burch below (click for large image)

Michael Kors blue satchel in compare with Tory Burch

Tory Burch pros and cons:

  • The higher price, the higher prestige.
  • The price ranges from $300 and more.
  • If you live in Europe, the handbags are not as widespread as MK there. They are unique – not many people own them.
  • There are not so many fake handbags of Tory Burch, while MK fakes are more common.
  • They do not last as long as Michael Kors (at least according to its users).
  • Having something that beautiful, that well made, and knowing that fewer people are going to have it makes it more attractive.

Photo: Tory Burch blue satchel in compare with Michael Kors above (click for large photo)

Tory Burch blue satchel in compare with Michael Kors

So, do you know which one you will opt for? Michael Kors or Tory Burch – which is better for you? It is really up to you as the range of products is wide and they both appeal to you with attractive look, price and style. By the way, have you already read our MICHAEL Michael Kors ultimate guide?


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